Best Over-ear Headphones under $100

Over-ear headphones are the origin of all the other headphones in the marketplace, and that too for a good reason. If you want to have a great audio experience nothing beats the all-around sound isolation and quality that larger, and at times, multiple drivers can deliver in an overhead set of headphones.

So in this article we are going to show you the best over-ear headphones that one can buy around $100.

1 ) Sony MDRV6 Monitor Series Headphones

This one by Sony is a very nice over-ear headphone. It has a CCAW Voice Coil and this piece is one of Sony’s hallmark gold standards in the field of audio quality. The Sony MDRV6 comes with a powerful 40mm driver with a magnet that gives a wide frequency range. It gives an unparalleled audio quality made for more enjoyment and a deeper rich bass. The design of it’s ear cups provides great comfort and good sound isolation also. It comes with coiled cords and aluminium housing. The set also comes with a 3.5mm plug jack and a screw on 1/4-inch adapter, and can be folded down for portability.

2 ) Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Headphones

This piece is a dream come true for bassheads as it has a specially built in sensation55 patent-bending bass extension driver on top of their own 40mm driver.

The Skullcandy Crusher has two 40mm drivers and an amplifier which is inbuilt. It uses an AA battery which is hidden inside the earcup for a powerful turbo-bass experience without any sort of extra cabling. The bass sensation can be tuned with it’s slider on the left earcup, in line with it’s focus. The earcup uses leather padding for comfort and a flat seal which creates noise isolation.  The set comes with a detachable cable with a one button microphone and a nylon drawstring carry pouch, good if you just need to replace the cable, and for portability too.

3 ) Grado Prestige Series SR-60i Headphones

The Grado Prestige Series SR-60i is small, simple and yet very powerful. This is a model with great functionality and no frills at all. In order to run this headphone to it’s full capacity, it may require slightly more battery power; however this is very minor for the excellent quality of headphones that you are paying for. It’s cable is also of such a design and structure that it gives an excellent signal transmission. The earcups are padded for maximum comfort, and feel great, and are made up of a lower mass polymer. Also, due to the same material used, they are lightweight and do not cause discomfort over long listening sessions.

4 ) Sony MDR-X10 over Ear Headphones

Sony pairs up with Simon Cowell to bring us the MDR-X10, which gives the celeb headphones a good name and also a great overall quality. It comes with a large closed dynamic 50mm Driver and a great frequency response from 3Hz to 29kHz. It gives a very punchy powerful bass, especially with the magnet that is added to it’s drivers. It has great usage over long hours with portable players and moreover the earcups don’t disappoint either; they are plush and comfortable with round pads. The cable is flat and tangle free, along with another replacement cable. The set comes with a carrying case and a ¼-inch adapter. Overall it is a very nice and worthy set that the customer can buy.

5 ) Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative is famous for making very good quality headphones at a lower cost without sacrificing on any sound quality. The Creative Aurvana Live! comes with bio-cellulose diaphragm 40mm drivers that uses powerful magnets and delivers excellent sound quality. This allows for a warm and powerful bass, with a well-rounded mid-range and vocals. It is also compatible with most of the portable players in the market. The construction of the Creative Aurvana Live! is made out of good quality plastic, and the leather pads are large enough to cup most of the ears with great comfort. The headband, is made with plastic is also padded with the same material making the entire set very comfortable for extended use. The cable is 1.2m long, and connected to the headphones in a Y-cable connection. These are good for carrying while you’re travelling, as it comes with a soft fabric carry bag.

6 ) HIFI ELITE Super66

You can get these easily at one of the Amazon prime deals. These are premium, over the ear, Bluetooth and wireless headphones. It has a crystal clear sound and deep, rich, accurate bass and hi-fidelity. They have fast and easy Bluetooth pairing and can easily be paired with smart phones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Android Smart phones, Windows computers and Tv’s. The HIFI ELITE Super 66 features a lightweight, ergonomic design for long lasting comfort and easy portability. These noise-isolating over-the-ear phones might look and sound like they are very expensive but they aren’t. It’s ear cups are heavily cushioned with a brushed-metal band that folds for easier storage.


So, mentioned above are some of the best over-the-ear headphones that one can buy for itself under $100 and ones that have a great sound quality. I hope this article helped you choose your suitable over-the-ear headphone! ☺


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