Best Earphones Under $100

The basic goal for everyone is to have great sound quality in an affordable price. Mentioned below are the best earphones or in-ear monitors one can buy under hundred dollars.

Whenever you are out in the marketplace, and are searching for the best earbuds under $100, you definitely will have a lot of choices in front of you, because $100 is just the ideal amount to buy an earphone with an exquisite sound quality.

While stepping your foot into the market you will see you have a lot of options from the popular and established brands like the Sennheiser’s, JBL, Sony, Skullcandy to the brands you haven’t even heard off like the Trinity Audio Engineering Brand etc. To be honest, you won’t feel much of a difference between their sound qualities, until you are a professional.

So, given below are a some of the best earbuds one could buy in a hundred dollars which are loved by the users as well as by the professional headphone reviewers.

They are as follows:

1)Shure SE215-K

If you are somebody who wants earbuds that have a professional look and doesn’t continuously falls off your ears, then this is the best buy under $100.It has a good rating of about 4 out of 5 by the professional headphones reviewers, with a balanced sound signature.

Their price ranges between $80-$120, and you can purchase them easily. These headphones have a good review and accessibility in the market. The basic black ones are for $89, clear ones for $99, and the white ones for $109 which also has a mic included on Amazon. The Blue ones also look cool, but for that you will have to pay some extra dollars.

It’s sound isolation technology prevents the outside noises around you to spoil your audio experience and are durable. It is lightweight, soft and flexible. It has a Single Dynamic Micro Driver. It has a detachable cable. Always try to refer to the User Manual before using the headphones. In Shure SE215-K, “K” is the symbol of the product’s color variation(Black).

2)Sony MDR-XB90EX

These are also one of the best earphones one can buy between $80-$120. It has an amazing rating of 4.2 out of 5, with a good passive noise isolation.

These are bass head friendly and have a deep bass response. These are very comfortable to carry and has soft ear tips. It is very good for people for whom bass is the main goal in an earphone. As the name suggests, ‘EX’ stands for extra bass. It has a larger earbud design and will fir your ears tightly. You can always carry them for gym or exercise, it won’t easily fall too. Comes in a zipper carrying case and a user manual with 7 pairs of ear tips. There are no extra accessories but the construction is of good quality and the cable is also tangle-free.


These are a very beautiful set of earphones with aluminum compact housing and attractive wood around it. Its ratings are 4.1 out of 5. It has a very warm and balanced frequency response with a good noise isolation and a tangle-free cable.

It comes with a soft carrying pouch, making it easily portable. It has a shirt clip and 2 ear hooks, and fits perfectly to your ears. It comes with 4 pairs of silicone ear tips, with a decent durability and good strain relief. These might not be the best earphones for gym or workout but it’s detailing, sound quality and construction is just perfect.

It will cost you around $98.99 to be precise. It is a good buy for somebody who’s looking for nice looking earphones with an exquisite sound quality.

4)Brainwavz M2

These headphones will give you the best value for money. These are rated at 4.1 out of 5. These are available within the price range of $30-$80.

These have a good sound quality with a sturdy construction. Its cord is quite long for about 50 inches is pretty good for all types of music. It also has a good noise isolation power and is lightweight and comfortable. It is made with durable wires and comes with a nice carrying bag with ear tips that you can select accordingly.

It might not be the best option for bass heads under a budget of $100. According to the price, it has a high quality balanced sound signature, and is very affordable.

5)HiFiMan RE-400

These are a good set of earphones priced between $80-$120. These have got a rating of 3.6 out of 5. These are very comfortable and have a good durability.

They have a balanced and neutral sound signature. It has got an attractive crystal and copper cabling. These are easily available on Amazon. It comes with a quality zipper pouch and has a good noise isolation power with deep sealing ear tips.

It has got different ear tip sizes and has a great sound quality. It is not recommended and designed for bass heads and it has a neutral response and a good customer service for under $100.

6)Mixcder ANC-G5

This brand has recently become quite famous for it’s Bluetooth headphones. These are active noise cancelling headphones which are very useful for noisy environments like airplanes, busy workplaces, public transport etc.

It has a mic that is in-built and a travel case. It has an in-built wind resistant microphone and is very comfortable for people who have to be on calls all the time. It has a universal compatibility and works with all the popular smartphones, laptops and MP3 players like iPad, Apple’s iPhones, Nokia, HTC, Google etc.

It’s sound quality is great due to it’s Diamond Clear HD Music Sound. These are priced around $40 on Amazon, which sounds like a great deal. Comes with a USB charging cable and 2 extra ear tips. It has a very strong construction.


7)Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

So these headphones are priced in between $80-$100.These are also available on Amazon. It has a high quality sound and a good bass. It has got a rating of 3.6 out of 5. The design is very stylish.

It is lightweight and has a comfortable fit. These set of earphones have a good durability. It is a full package, as it is attractive and has a powerful bass at the same time. It’s designed for wearing the cable downwards and has a snug fit. Comes with a compact case and an oval cable design. The soundstage quality is wide and sennheiser provides it’s standard 2-year warranty too

8)Klipsch R6

Another pair of buds which are worth buying under $100 are Klipsch R6 as they have an amazing sound quality and are easily available. On Amazon they are priced at $58.

It has got a rating of 3.5 out of 5. It has a flat tangle-resistant cable with a coil micro speaker. It has black and white finish all over it and is quite stylish. These provide a lot of comfort and you’ll never face the problem of it fitting into your ears. It has got silicone ear tips which gets that perfect seal. They are made of durable lightweight aluminum and are easily accessible. It has got various models and one can buy according to their choice and preference.


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