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Posted by Barworks on April 29, 2016
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Britain’s iconic red public telephone boxes are about to be given an interesting makeover by a New York based company that operates a growing chain of co-working spaces aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking for affordable convenient work space in attractive locations.

Bar Works Inc is about to launch “Pod Works” in London, Leeds and Edinburgh using old BT telephone boxes as mini-work stations for both entrepreneurs who are constantly on the move or for those who need a convenient place to work before a meeting or an interview.

Each “Pod” will have Wifi and internet connections, printer/scanner, wireless mouse, a 25 inch screen, a hot drinks machine and a powerbank of plugs.
A fee of £19.99 a month ensures membership of the Pod Works “club” and access to any work station. In order to enter, a link to an APP is sent which allows access any time day or night.

The company is also planning to turn other BT phone boxes which are no longer in use into work stations and will gradually expand the concept into major cities across the UK.

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