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The most affordable co-working space, combining location, price and atmosphere to create one of the most exciting workspaces around.

Bar Works is a fast expanding chain of vibrant and affordable co-working spaces. We launched in New York and now have three locations there with others opening soon, including TriBeCa and Brooklyn. We are opening our first location in San Francisco in the next few months. In addition we are rolling out across the UK a network of workstations under the Pod Works brand. Membership allows you to use any of our locations at no extra charge.

Bar Works provide co-working/shared office in a vibrant environment. We are an ambitious brand and have a number of venues opening in Manhattan, San Francisco and London in the coming months. Unlike most other workspaces we allow you to use any of our spaces for no extra charge. Always watch this space for new openings.

Come and visit us any time and we will buy you a drink on us!

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Our Locations


Midtown Manhattan

47 W 39th Street,
Off Fifth Avenue, New York

Times Square

41 W 46th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, New York

West Village

47 7th Avenue South,
Near Bleecker Street, New York

San Francisco

615 Sacramento Street

New York

95 Chamber Street, New York

New York

70 White Street, New York

Why are we different?

Well for many reasons. Here are the main ones which are most important for the entrepreneur/founder.

You can work at the bar, hold meetings in the bar or, work in the upstairs space, the choice is yours. The bar environment is an invigorating one to work in. An energizing environment is rare to find in a co-working space.

A trendy building or beautiful architecture doesn’t make the atmosphere. The people do. The best way to encourage that energy is through our bar environment.

You will get a real opportunity to network with your fellow entrepreneurs. Many of the good ideas are generated in such surroundings and this atmosphere is present 24/7.

Discounted beer and wine, free soft drinks and coffee.

We are run by entrepreneurs who have many years of experience building small businesses so they are very sympathetic to the challenges and requirements of entrepreneurs and in particular property requirements having used most of the co-working spaces around the globe!

We are opening in San Francisco and London in the coming months. By joining Bar Works you are able to use any of our venues at no extra cost.

We understand the problems that the majority of serviced offices suffer after direct experience.
The one issue that annoys us the most are the hidden costs that ALWAYS creep in. For a small business we need to watch every cent and surprises are not something we want to see at the end of the month.

Learn more about our Co-working shared office space in Manhattan Learn more about our Co-working shared office space in Manhattan

Typically our competitors charge extra for:

  • Photocopying (per copy and more for color)
  • Internet connection (per connection)
  • Phone connection (per connection)
  • Meeting rooms (there is usually a small allowance but that soon runs out)
  • Fax and technical support

This can soon add up – take a look at a bill from one of our competitors where nearly 40% of the bills was in extras. Take a look at bill

Our monthly membership is fully inclusive

Join Bar Works now

Our price is fixed. There are no surprises.
But it is not all about price, you won’t work in a more inspiring atmosphere – period.